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Patricia MacNairLife continually presents us with challenges and, at times, everyone feels overwhelmed, stuck, or afraid. I provide a safe and supportive environment for us to work together in exploring those issues that continue to cause difficulty in your life. I can help you cope with what may feel unbearable to you.

Believing that each person presents a unique adventure, I offer a blend of curiosity, knowledge and compassion that allows you to respond to treatment in your own way. My psychodynamic training allows me to fully appreciate the complexity of your mind and the influences of your past experiences. Within this framework, I am able to use a blend of conventional and creative therapies to help you in restoring your emotional health and the joy in your life.

I offer short-term as well as long-term therapy. Many clients often begin treatment as a result of a personal crisis then decide to continue their work to experience a deepening of their self-awareness and personal growth. The decision to begin therapy is an important one. Therapy offers longstanding benefits as inner strengths are identified, self-defeating behaviors are recognized, and increased self-awareness becomes a part of your life. It is an investment in yourself that will last a lifetime.